Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red Hen Stringband

Red Hen Stringband

I recently had the pleasure of going to a concert to visit friends in Gwynedd, PA. The Gwynedd Meeting Hall holds a coffeehouse series
and folks packed in to hear the fine music of Red Hen. Good music, coffee, baked treats..and me snapping away with the camera, as usual!

The following day we packed everything up and went to the historic Havertown Grange grounds to take some more photos. It is a beautiful building and grounds. They played some tunes, much to the surprise of
staff, who welcomed them with open arms and even opened the doors of the building to facilitate some cool shots!

Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr live in Havertown PA, they are my long-time friends. Linda Schrade and David Kiphuth live near Albany NY and they are my new friends! Together they create the most amazing music.

I was so inspired by the music and the photos, I  knew I had to put them together in one place. After searching out a few different programs, I decided on one suggested to me by Terri Krisavage at TK&Brown's Florist.
Many hours of editing and learning curve later, I am pleased to present "Both Sides Of The Road" in a format for all to enjoy.

To view more pictures from the weekend, go to:
For more information on Red Hen go to:

"Both Sides Of The Road" was voted Best Original Tune at Clifftop this summer!

ENJOY! Don't forget to support LIVE Music!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sue Muldoon Images Website is finally "LIVE"

  I've been hard at work on the new website and it is finally on the small banner above view it in it's PREMIER state!

My fascination and recent obsession with photography has culminated in a series of galleries exploring what I like best. Flowers, for the most part. But it expands and is opening to new opportunities also.

  My reasoning for taking so many photos of flowers, and especially “insitu” is because I see many beautiful arrangements and designs created by florists and event designers who simply don’t have the time to focus on a lasting memory in the form of a good photo while the event is being created or in progress. I know this from experience, because I don’t really have any good photos of my own  floral design work.

  Here’s the scenario: You’re worried about the Bride, the venue, the execution, the timing and you’re probably in a rush to get out the door because you are finessing the details then playing “beat the clock”. You’ve poured over every detail to perfection.  As you dash out, you take some quick snaps with your camera phone to record the event.

  You’ve missed the details. You wish you had remembered to take pictures of the escort table or the Sweetheart table. Unless you receive some quality photos from the Bride’s photographer, you have lo-res grainy images of your hard work. Beauty, misplaced. Marketing opportunities lost.

  This is not limited to Floral designers! Cake designers, event planners, stationer’s, caterers, musicians, DJ’s and every service provider can benefit from a stunning IMAGE, ready for print, publication, portfolio and especially important right now…social media promotions.

  I have over 30 years in the floral industry servicing just about every aspect. I have a keen eye for design and I have changed my “focus” from 3-dimensional to 2-dimensional. I have family that now calls me “geeky”…because I spend so much time behind a computer. Have camera and laptop, will travel. A few years of graphic marketing for a previous company was the seed of inspiration to pursue this.

  Vist the site and see if you agree. I have been blessed to work with some incredible designers and venues recently. Special thanks to Thom and Marcy Green of Dragonfly Events and Helena Willis of Perfect Princess Events. Their feedback and encouragement has enabled me to grace the web page with phenomenal images. The Coventry Regional Farmer's Market has been a photography playground with it's amazing local vendors and community. I am enjoying new friendships with incredibly talented and supportive growers, marketers and photographers.

  Watch for more developments as I diversify with product "candids" and "portraits". The next step is more blogs, slideshows, web and gallery work. Photos first for now because...

It all starts with a great photo.....