Thursday, June 9, 2011

Market Roots Photo Exhibit

Well, here we go! It took a year to take photos behind the scenes at the farms and businesses of the Coventry Regional Farmer's Market, and our Market Roots Gallery has made it's debut! It will be traveling for at least a year, on the average of once a month to some fantastic venues.

 Photos at Comstock by: Liss Flint; Market Roots Organizer, Dot Drobney, 
Laura Stone, June Mita, Amy Benson and myself.
(Their websites are listed on the sidebar to your right, for your enjoyment.)
Joining the Market Roots Gallery are also David Cope and Dan Villeneuve 

Lovingly organized and hung by Winter & Nick Caplanson and the Market Masters and photographers.



 I have one print in the exhibit, of Susan Park's Rich Valley Farms kids...(on the right side of the picture)

There are 25 canvas prints, 16x20 in size and
each one is accompanied by either a description or a written piece from the farm itself.

You will love what Susan Park's wrote...but you have to go there to see it!

We had a Grand Opening with food, excellent music by Hannah Fair and her friends, and about 100 folks. A voice so to listen.

It was also the soft opening for our "Market Roots ...through the year, through the lens" Website Debut!
This portion will exhibit through the month of June. What an honor to be included in Comstock Ferre & Co's 200th Anniversary exhibit.

Thanks go out to Markham Bennet at SmugMug , who donated two years of hosting so we could get our project rolling, and to Kathy at for assisting us with the website customization.
Thank you for the fantastic support! You ARE Smugmug heroes! All of our Market Roots photographers host with Smugmug, and love the outstanding service. It made sense to go right to "the best" for our Market Roots website.

Liss Flint and Winter Caplanson had a daunting job of going through THOUSANDS of pictures to select 1500 representative photos for the galleries. Liss did an amazing job getting them on the website! It is no small task. The great news is, CRFM is now a 501c3, a non-profit organization, and can expand on what is already built.

The Market Roots Program is an educational venue, and the gallery is just the beginning.
The photographers who spent all the time taking the photographs volunteered and allowed the photos to be sold via the website.The profits from the sales will be going to the CRFM and it's educational endeavors.

We did, of course...get to go to some wonderful behind-the scenes tours we may not have been able to see unless we were volunteers. A BIG THANK YOU to the farms and businesses that let us photograph! The Market Roots photographers have also agreed to give the farms hi-res copies of the photos, for their own use for marketing.

Here are a few of my favorites from the online gallery:

Can't you just hear the "swoosh" of the frothy warm milk?
Milked by hand, with care and pride.

Feel the coolness in the "Cheese Cave"?
Patience is not only a virtue but an honor.
Jane is the watchful guardian of the milk
and it's amazing journey to cheese.

Feel the warmth on your back....
and your face to the sun.
See what Erin Windham wakes up to every morning.

...and be enveloped in the embrace of  flowers.

A sense of farm history abounds.
Brian Kelliher and his family have been nurturing
the orchard and the gardens for years.

The Espalier Apple trees sun themselves in the blueness of the emerging morning sky

...and wait with open arms for the bees to tickle them.

I can only wonder what it smells like for the bee, with it's nose buried
and it's legs swiftly carting away it's pollen rewards.

I  hope you get to see the show in your area sometime this year, and feel
like you are wandering with us, rapt in awe at what it takes
to bring your food and products locally, to you.

Thank you for looking.

All the best and humbly,