Friday, May 20, 2011

May Day Merriment


The Month of May started off
with festivities at 
where our gracious Hostess
Carole Miller threw a large 
"Thank You" event for everyone who assisted in the 
"Grow the Greenhouse" project!

The dancing music was provided by the

There was a lot more to the dance than I thought! 
It was fun to watch, and nice
  that people and families had
   a beautiful day outside, great  weather, fine company and delicious food.
Carole's friends from the Coventry Farmer's Market
and other garden and herb communities were 
there for her.

The patterns were more intricate on the Maypole
as the day went on.
First make the design,
then unwrap it and start all 
over again! The music kept it lively and fun.

I kept busy taking photos..other photographer's snaps of me show the dirt on my knees and elbows from getting on the wet ground to get the shots I wanted.

The food was amazing, a feast for the eyes and the belly...
Check out the colors in this salad with Violets...

The Greenhouse is up...

...and filled and ready to go.

It was a good reason to celebrate!

Beautiful things happen when people work together!

See some more, on this video...

This was a fabulous journey of friendship and community.
The collapse of the Greenhouse in February brought everyone 
together. The collective efforts in fundraising and
volunteering are proof that anything is possible!