Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reach for the light....

"Why the Sunflower, Sue?"

  I'm a bit surprised no one ever asked me that before...why do I have a sunflower as my logo?
It started with a drive to Coventry one day and I passed a field of sunflowers in  Somers.
Cameras make you bold sometimes and I have not been shy to just get out, walk and shoot.

It was a GORGEOUS Sunny Day.

The Bees were loving it...

And this smiling face caught my attention.

Here's how it made way into my website header....

Ok, so it's a "work in progress" Did you know I do video compilation too?

But besides that...the sunflower reminds me of my camera...always reaching for the light, and the shutter of the lens and the pattern on the sunflower have similarities in their structure. The Fibonnaci sequence in the sunflower, the lens uses a geometric sequence. Good photos have an element of the Golden Mean as do the patterns in nature. 

The barn next to the sunflower field...

Sunflowers from Windham Gardens have made it into my Twitter background, 
my LinkedIn background, my Sue Muldoon Images Facebook Cover photo...for continuity.

Thanks for stopping by.

Always reach for the light.