Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Adventures

2010 had some wonderful photo adventures. 
I'm looking forward to even more in 2011!

 I had an enjoyable year taking and sharing photos. 
Flowers, weddings, music, family and foods.

My last event of 2010 was documenting the amazing 
for Jeffrey Rapoport at the New Britain American Museum of Art

I have lived in Connecticut most of my life (with a wanderlust diversion for 5 1/2 years to Oklahoma, Nevada, Seattle to name a few spots) I was an Art Major in college, and I can't believe I never made it to this beautiful Museum before. My camera brings me to fabulous locations and adventures.

Between the Museum setting, the wonderful food and smiling faces of the Jordan staff, I had much to work with. What a great canvas for the lens.

I also met Bun Lai and his staff from Miya's Sushi and learned more about his commitment to sustainable seafood. Jordan Caterer's and Chef Kevin Cottle  also have a strong passion for Local Sustainable food choices, which overlaps with other interests I have like the Coventry Farmer's Market.

There has been a lot of synchronicity in 2010 and I am anxious 
to see what is in store for me for 2011.

Take a look at some of the food, fun and art from 
this stunningly beautiful event.

To see the whole gallery go to

 This is Mike, the bartender. I love this shot with 
this painting in the background. 

The band plays in front of Lisa Hoke's installation. This isn't going to 
be up for much longer,so try to see it while you can.

Chef Cottle was always on the move!

The artwork was admired by many. What a place to have an event.

The raw bar as viewed from above.

 I've had a fascination with glasses this year. This is one of many shots.

 Bun Lai and his chef from Miya's Sushi

Even non-food shots , anything in my
path that caught my eye caught my lens.

 The colors of foods are so rich.

This is Jordan, of Jordan's Caterers.

 Don't you just want to dive into this picture. 
I can't wait to make a trip to Miya's Sushi.

I will be making a relaxed trip to 
the museum soon with some photographer friends.

Thank you for taking the time to share my escapades with me.


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